Future Concept.

Let the future happen now! I am skilled in making AR, VR and XR expiriences. Rich content cross platform apps is what I excel in.

The Big Ideas.

Gamification drives me, and studies show, that people learn faster and have more fun when content is presented in a playful way. Let your idea get big and play with the box instead of thinking inside of it.

Creative Solutions.

Quality first and creativity first is only possible with devotion and love to details. I am going the extra mile to transform good ideas to even better solutions.


Our Services For Clients

XR Applications

Bringing historical sites to life with VR. Me an my partners make it happen.

Touch Applications

Beautiful touch applications. Me an my partners make it happen.

Concept Creation

Concepts for any topic. I counsel and make it happen.

GIS Applications

The whole world inside any device. I make it happen.

Web Development

Simple website or full scale web app. I make it happen.


Accelerate your workflow. I counsel and make it happen.


Projects Done


Creativity and efficiency since 2019

Team Work

Network of friends of freelancers


Trust pays off


We usually work from home

Who I am

I am a devoted creative spirit working hard to make the best of every idea I am excited about.

My Vision

Design meets function meets beauty. I commit to make beautiful software that benefits the user first.

My Mission

Transfering knowledge in an easy and fun way to the end user. I think learning is fun – so using our products is fun also.